About Curls, Confluences and Resonances, 2021
Art Lacuna, London, United kingdom


About Curls, Confluences and Resonances is a choral project of eight voices and two spaces materialized through two exhibits and a publication. The first exhibition, which is set out in these pages, happened at the space of ArtLacuna in September 2021, in the neighbourhood of Clapham Junction, in South East London. There, the first encounter took place, when the works of three FASE resident artists travelled for a collective exhibition linking them to artists in the London scene. So works by Lara Fluxà, Neus Frigola and Mercedes Pimiento coexisted with those of David Barreiro, Chris Cawkwell and Alex Duncan.

The curatorial approach, led by Blanca del Río and Claudia Elies, was traced around three concepts that gave way to the title: Curls (sinuous, curvilinear forms), confluences (encounters) and resonances (reverberations). The project featured artists’ works that had already been produced, so the preestablished departing point was formal in nature: six voices that, despite seeming disparate, had much in common.

Exhibition Catalog
Designed by TWO F

Photography Alex Duncan, Neus Frigola, Mercedes Pimiento
With the support of Ayudas Injuve a la Producción 2022 and Institut Ramon Llull

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